Fuel under control

With the Digit FMS fuel management system installed on your bowser you will not only have more accurate delivery values but have the precise log of the quantity of fuel that was dispensed for each vehicle. You can even see monthly usage to do predictions of when refills have to be scheduled and you don't have to be on site to do this.

Delivery to burn

With Digit FMS installed on your fleet and on your fuel dispenser you have two way verification that the fuel that was dispensed was received in the vehicle. It is one of the best fuel management systems on the market. With updated every few minutes from your Bowser, there is no way to steal fuel without it being noticed.



When fuel is delivered to your premises have actual digital proof of the delivery amount. You can verify any discrepancies with your supplier minutes after delivery.


When fuel is dispensed you will have all fuel flowing out of your main bowser on record. In agricultural industries a rebate can be requested from SARS using a report generated to prove fuel was used for agricultural purposes


Monitoring usage on your vehicles can show many things. Drivers driving your vehicles harder will have worse fuel consumption than those driving well. Even maintenance issues can be picked up with heavy fuel usage.

Information page

Fleet and Bowser information together on a single live feed will all the data you will need. The Digit fleet management system is designed for the fleet manager that is on the move. Have access to your fleet fuel data, wherever you are.


Multiple Tanks

A single Digit FMS installation can monitor up to 3 dispensing tanks from one unit, giving you each tanks fuel level plus a combined total on the onsite display.