Fuel Monitoring for your fleet and static tanks

Digit DFuel is a comprehensive fuel management system installed into new or existing non-commercial fuel storage or dispensing systems. Suitable for use on static tanks and mobile bowsers to monitor and control both fuel receipts and various site dispensing. With live residual tank levels displayed after each event both on the controller and the web portal – all viewable from …

Dynamic Speed Limits

Gone or the days of a general speed limit of 100 km/h across all road environments. Monitor vehicles for the specific road they are currently driving on. Doing 80km/h in a 60km/h zone will normally not be seen by vehicle owners until a speed fine or accident is recorded. Get ahead of the incident by knowing when they speed in …

Route Scheduling

Fleet Owners don’t have the time to see where vehicles are by looking at a map view. They want to see how far the vehicle is with its predefined delivery schedule. Schedule vehicles and follow their deliveries via a basic flow interface showing you ETAs that update live while vehicle drives. Speak to your Digit service provider regarding activation and …

Route Deviation

You can now assign a route to individual vehicles. When a vehicle deviates from the assigned route you receive a push notification on your phone and are able to see the deviation on your trip history to be discussed with drivers later. Speak to your Digit service provider regarding activation and setup of the Add on Products

The new Face of Digit!

Digit vehicle tracking has updated their international look by changing their name to Digit FMS.